Alexander Abroad 2016!

2016 was definitely an exciting year for me. From October 15 to November 16, I had the opportunity to visit over 13 countries and more than 25 cities around the world. Definitely not something I had planned for my 30th orbit around the sun, but once I started I couldn’t stop… and even more, once I learned how to incorporate my books and working with kids from all over the globe, I realized I had found a new passion and new portion of my career! First stop… NEW ENGLAND!

Boston, Massachusses, USA

Before I headed across the pond, I made my annual visit to Boston to see my friend Fallon. This time, I was lucky enough to visit South Boston Catholic Academy. The kids and staff enjoyed hearing my stories and I was happy to finally work in a city that I love to visit. Next time, I hope to return to SBCA and find more schools to work with in the area.

Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve heard so many great things about Prague and after my visit, I have to say that all of it was true. More schools in Prague were interested in me visiting with their students than any other city I randomly decided to visit. I was able to work with four schools in Prague that were all different in structure and style of education. I worked with students from a preschool/elementary school, a Montessori school, an International Christian School and a Language school. Many of these were a first for me and I learned a lot during my visits. I have to give a big thank you to Lana, Vit, Lenka, Ellie and Abbie for having me and making me feel right at home when I was thousands of miles away. Thank you to the Chrisitian International School, Panda Learning Center, Central Point Elementary School, Channel Crossings and International Montessori School of Prague 

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

My idea of sharing my books with students around the world got it’s start in Liverpool! After thinking about planning a trip to one of England’s most interesting cities, I was able to get in touch with a guy named John from Liverpool’s Ministry of Education. He put me in touch with a few schools, it all went great and now I can say that in less than one year I’ve had the opportunity to  visit over 8 European countries, sharing my stories and love for New Orleans with hundreds of students across the continent. The two schools that started it all back in February of this year were Holy Cross and Monksdown Primary. I had the chance of visiting again and I had a blast. I stuck around for lunch with the kids after a few readings and writing workshops! I’m already working on ways to make next year’s visit have more impact than my last.

Thank you to Holy Cross Catholic Primary School and Monksdown Primary School. 

London, England, United Kingdom

London was definitely a highlight of my trip. I got to visit one of the coolest schools I’ve ever been to, The American School of London. This schools facility and staff was the best I’ve ever experienced. One of the things I noticed and appreciated was the way they treated and spoke to their students. Very supportive, clear and uplifting. I could brag about this school all day. From the awesome options provided for lunch, to the student led assemblies in their university style auditorium, I was blown away the entire time I was there. I loved it so much I didn’t want to leave and ended up spending even more time with the kids during their lunch and recess. I want to give a big shoutout to Patrick for having me and I hope to be back soon!

The Netherlands: Amsterdam & The Hague

This might be my favorite place in the world! The Hague was a great place and Amsterdam remind me of home… or at least the Red Light District reminds me of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. I had the opportunity to bike all over Amsterdam, do a couple of boat tours and even visited Anne Frank’s house. Once I got to The Hague I was able to visit The Free School of The Hague. It was a short visit and I didn’t get to take pictures but I did have a great time. I read my books, took questions from the kids and even played my horn. Mr. Schieman was my guide while there! I want to thank him for having me and for setting up my visit. I’ll be back soon!

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