1 artists 2 artists, Red artists Blue artists

Stop for a moment and think about how cool it is that we, the people in  New Orleans, are literally surrounded by artists at all times. I’m not talking girls and guys who can just keep it inside the lines, NO, I’m talking beautiful, elaborate, genius, creative beings all around us. Everyone experiences things differently but artists are the people who take in their environment, ponder on it for a minute & then express their feelings or thoughts in ways that you & I describe as beautiful. To them it was just another emotion, another feeling, another idea or another thought. That’s it! Ask any artists why they created what they created and usually they’ll say something like, “It just came to me….”. That in itself is amazing!

I know a lot of times we down play people’s art or aspirations to create but for a moment lets only appreciate. Have you ever heard someone say, “Man, everybody wants to be a rapper, writer, singer, etc…” I’m sure you have, but if you really look at that statement it’s somewhat incredible. So to the people of New Orleans please, PLEASE appreciate the fact that we have these wonderful creators all around us, who create the things we get to enjoy! For we live in a city that inspired these people; you & I, the streetcars, the Superdome and in my case THE SAINTS!! This city CREATED these artists & inspires them to create over and over again. What does that say about New Orleans??

It’s Amazing (Kanye Autotune Voice)

So s/o to the artists.. Check out a few paintings from 3 very talented artists in our city Terrance Osborne, Brandan Odums & Varion Laurent.


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