Goodnight Who Dats… Happy Jazzfest!!

I’ve been wandering through the streets of New Orleans over the last few months stumbling into every book store that I can find. I’ve read (but not finished) books about our city’s architecture, art, history, politics, music and businesses. BUT more importantly I’ve been checking out a bunch of children books written and illustrated by people from New Orleans. If you have kids I urge you to put in front of them books that explore the things that make our city great through the words and images of our local authors and artists. These people, as I’ve grown to recognize, are still young at heart and are able to see things through a kids eyes. Something that I aspire to do for the rest of my life.

In almost every book store that I visited I saw two books every single time…. “Goodnight NOLA” & “One Dat, Two Dat Are You A Who Dat?” written by local author Cornell P. Landry. I had mixed emotions about finding another book for kids about the Saints because I was certain that I had written the only one. I now have read all of Cornell’s books and I enjoyed them. I read them to my niece and she enjoyed them. After getting over the fact that there existed another book similar to mine I reached out to Cornell for a few tips on selling books. He gave me some great info and actually helped get me excited all over again about putting my book out…. So here is my big THANK YOU to Mr. Cornell Landry.. Everyone go buy these books!!! There is even one about the Jazz Fest called “Happy Jazz Fest” for you to enjoy just in time for our festival season….

Check out each of Cornell’s books here: & stay tuned for my first book “The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t” that will be available at the end of March!!

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