and we are almost there….


So we are getting close to crunch time. This book should be in all of your hands by the end of this month. I’m going to start going out into the community and reading the book to kids next week because I’m tired of only sharing it with myself. This book is two years in the making so you can see why I’m a little anxious. Last night I received more sketches that you can check out below. After a rocky start with designing the cover, my illustrator Avia Brown has done nothing but impress me with how quickly she can work. Avia is from the UK but she definitely understands how important it is to include every single bit of our “New Orleans Culture” in the book. Next time I hope to work with the great artists in our city who I’ve crossed paths with over the last two years.

Be on the look out for me soon. I’ll be in & on your favorite TV station, radio station, book store, library, park, school and community center all throughout the summer… So I’ll see you soon, it’s going to be a long summer!!!  Check out some of my newer sketches below:

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