Kids are tired of Dick and Jane… #10ThousandKids

Thanks for coming to my blog…. While at work today I realized that although I know what I want to do with my book, what it means to me & why I wrote it, I haven’t told any of you yet… So here goes….

One day as I was putting away Christmas decorations at my mom’s house, the phrase “Who Dat, Who Didn’t” came into my mind. I thought about it for a second and put it in the back of my mind because it felt kind of special. A few minutes later the words “The Little WHO DAT, who didn’t” popped into my head and I instantly recognized it as a title for a book for kids about the Saints. From there I began writing and in about 2 weeks the book was done! This all happened February 2010 as the Saints made their way to the Superbowl. Although I knew the book was a good idea and could be successful, I sat on it and sat on it until about September of 2010. After hearing too many times from my friends, family and girlfriend at the time that I should put the book out, I finally got up and began to work… and now here we are…

Now while this book is a cute little book for kids to enjoy, it’s also not all fun and games for me. I wrote this book with kids and learning in mind. The book isn’t overly simple but it does contain the bright, elaborate illustrations you would expect from a young child’s picture book. I wanted to write a book that kids would like to read, a book that people would look back and remember that this is the book that made them want to read!! So I’ve started an initiative called #10ThousandKids. This initiative is very simple, I hope to have at least 10,000 kids read my book and I’m going to encourage adults and parents to use this book to TEACH their kids how to read. I figure kids have gotten tired of Dick & Jane running across the yard, so I wrote them something a little bit more interesting.

So with your help we can reach this goal. I know tons of kids and people with kids and I plan to meet many more kids as I go to schools, libraries, book stores, & summer camps this year. I wanted to give kids something that they want to read, and I hope that is what I have done….. So instead of “Dick & Jane” and “See Spot Run”, I propose this:

If the kids don’t like it now, they’ll love it in September. See you at the end of March.

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