Pre-order “The Little WHO DAT, who didn’t” Monday, March 14th (#WINNING)

If you don’t feel like reading here is all you need to know. If you do feel like reading scroll down…

  1. Pre-order your copy of “The Little WHO DAT, who didn’t” Monday, March 14th, on this blog by clicking the button that says “Purchase Book”. (not available yet)
  2. All 300 pre-order copies will be autographed by me.
  3. When you pre-order you will automatically be entered into the #10ThousandKids raffle.
  4. The winner of the raffle can pick one classroom from any school of their choice for me to donate books to.
  5. Read book
  6. Enjoy
  7. Repeat
  8. Take pictures of you & your kids reading and email them to

That’s right!!! My book is finally finished and to all of you who asked, “when can I buy the book?”, the answer is finally here! MARCH 14TH 2011! The day the literary landscape will be forever changed! Mark your calendars… Above are the front and back covers to my book “The Little, WHO DAT, who didn’t”. To me these covers represent where I started and where I am today. All of the pages in the middle are the hard work that I put into this book to make it available to you all! *FEEL SPECIAL*

Here is how it will work. Monday, March 14th at 10am I will make my book available for everyone to pre-order their copy before it hits stores. There will only be 300 copies available and those 300 copies will all be personally autographed by yours truly. All you have to do is come back to this site and click on the tab above that says “Purchase Book”. The tab won’t be available until Monday, March 14th so don’t go looking for it now… Not yet….

Also, everyone who pre-orders my book will be entered into the #10ThousandKids Raffle. After preordering your copy, your name will be placed into a drawing. One winner will be selected at random and as their GRAND PRIZE I will donate copies of my book to each student of the winners classroom of choice. So if you win you can have me, Alex McConduit, donate books to your child’s classroom or any other classroom from any other school of your choice.

If you have any special request you can reach me at (404) 942 7989 or you can email me at

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