THANK YOU.. #10ThousandKids

Thank you to everyone who purchased my book yesterday! I really appreciate it. We had the most people visit the blog since I’ve started it & I’m glad to finally get just one step closer to getting my book in your hands. I’m sure you all will enjoy it & I hope to  bring you many more.

I just wanted to give you all some of my plans for the next few months. All of you who pre-ordered can expect your books on or around April 13th. I hope that throughout the summer I can team up with a few Saints players and hopefully we can donate some books to kids & schools across the Gulf Coast. You’ll see me on the news, in the papers, in magazines, on blogs & on websites talking to anyone who will listen about my book for the rest of this year. When the Saints season kicks off I’m going to give out “The Who Dat, Who Didn’t Award” after each game to the player who contributes the most to the team without scoring a touchdown. So it’s kind of like the person on the team WHO DID help out but WHO DIDN’T score a touchdown. We’ll see if WWL will pick that one up…

So that’s all I got. Just wanted to check in with you guys again and to let you all know I really appreciate all the support… Thanks!!

If you know a school, classroom, teacher or organization who would be interested in my book please email me at or call me at 404 942 7989.

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