Jay, 50, Weezy &…. Dee-1???

Hello out there…. Long time no see. You all have kept me really busy checking Facebook, Twitter, my blog & filling orders for you wonderful people who have ordered my book. If you haven’t  ordered one yet & you would like to click here. Before I get into my post about Dee-1, if you haven’t seen him LIVE he’ll be opening for Big Boi 3/25/11 @ Harrah’s. Get your tickets here.

Today I’m not here to talk about me. This morning I woke up with this line in my head, “Stop snitchin’ that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard of, That’s why nobody spoke up when my dog got murdered…” For those of you that don’t know, that lyric comes from local artist Dee-1. I mean immediately, I opened my eyes and that line played itself through my head and it got me thinking. I’m 24 years old and my friends are near that same age. As kids, yes KIDS, we grew up listening to Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG, Soulja Slim, Jubilee, C-Murder, Ghetto Twins, Lady Red, Cheeky Black, Fiend, & countless other NOTABLE, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE artists in this GREAT CITY. While although I enjoyed most of their music, the message that it sent to us as kids wasn’t exactly a positive one.


Moving on. Now that we have an artist like Dee-1, who not only is a good rapper but is also a guy on a mission with a great message, we have a real opportunity here. I mean if we support this dude and help blow him up, the kids of New Orleans will notice. Just think how great our city COULD BE if we had a bunch of little  13 & 17 year olds running around with pencils & pads instead of guns trying to be Dee-1 & not Lil Wayne. I mean can you believe it?!?!? It’s almost unreal to think of the potential that this man, Dee-1, can have on a city, a genre, an industry & a planet. The more people take his ideas, like this, and help spread them to others, be it through radio, web, or TV, the more opportunity his words have to change someone’s life. SUPPORT THIS GUY!! Why wouldn’t you. We need him, you need him & our kids need him. He’s already showed us that he has what it takes to knock down the necessary barriers to be heard. I mean, he’s only on your radio EVERY SINGLE DAY, and on TV just as much I’m sure.. (I don’t watch TV, sorry David!) So let’s think of the effects here….. WE GOTTA GET THIS GUY ON A SONG WITH LUPE FIASCO!! That’s how I feel… Ok this was a real random blog.. It’s literally 6am. Support Dee-1 man, its’ the only way…

“It’s the way of the future, the way of the future, the way of the future…” -Howard Hughes

BELOW: A few lines that speak to me from Dee-1’s “Jay, 50 & Weezy”. These lyrics have true power & the longer we can keep his voice heard, the better the world will be. I might not have these exactly right but you get the picture…

“Stop snitchin’, that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard of. That’s why nobody spoke up when my dog got murdered” —— We all have experienced this is some way. It’s sad but true. Most of us have had a close friend or family member murdered. AND you want us not to tell the teacher??? C’mon man, that’s the dumbest thing  I ever heard of!! Oh wait, he said that…. R.I.P. to one of my best friends, Carl McLendon. It’s really sad but when I think of him, I can only see him up to the age of 20 in my head. His mom’s only son… I miss you man, I gotta do better…..

“Forget the rules, if the rules was devised by FOOLS!!” ——- My question to you is WHY?? Why would you follow? DON’T FOLLOW!! Some rules that we operate under daily that we don’t even think about were devised by fools but we all have the opportunity to do whatever we wish. You don’t HAVE TO work, you don’t HAVE TO use credit cards, you don’t HAVE TO eat McDonalds, you don’t HAVE TO treat women poorly, you don’t HAVE TO have sex at an early age, you don’t HAVE TO sell drugs, you don’t HAVE TO hate each other, etc…. So much of our behaviors are learned or are assumed that its crazy. Today please think about what you do, how long you’ve been doing it and why you do it.. You might make a change for the better….

In reference to Jay-Z “Truthfully you aint gotta rhyme like Common Sense just be down for the cause and don’t RIDE THE FENCE!!!! ———— Now THIS I feel!! I love Jay-Z as an artists and through listening to his music I think that I’d like him as a person but I do think that he can do more. Be down for the cause… We all know what’s up. This is not a fair world that we live in. So when we have people like Jay-z, 50 cent & Lil Wayne are given the opportunity to partially transcend oppression, they have to do something major with it. HAVE TO!! When you get to stand on stage in front of 7 billion people, you better say something worth while… or at least don’t say anything that will make matters worse… Get off the fence Hov, STAND FOR SOMETHING…. That’s all I got, I still like Jay, 50 & Weezy but I RESPECT Dee-1 more than any of those guys….


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    dominique holly webber

    great post 🙂

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