Hellooooooooo everyone!!

Thanks for sticking around. After some very frustrating mistakes, mishaps & mismanagement I’ve finally gotten everything all figured out…. and I couldn’t have done it without my good friend Jody Piper. As you all know, I originally planned to release my book on April 13th. Well obviously that didn’t happen!! After days and days of hearing me complain and sulk about how annoying it was to not have my book completed & how mad I was at the printer Jody Piper came to the rescue. As a skilled artists, graphic designer and entrepreneur, Jody took my files on Friday and assured me that everything would be all better on Monday. AND IT WAS!! Thanks to Jody we will all now be getting our books in about two weeks. I’m hoping to release them on my birthday May 3rd but I’ll let you know how possible that is on Friday. So there is the scoop folks! I haven’t been as vocal about my book over the past two weeks because I wasn’t sure of how long it would take to be published. Now that I know that I’m about two weeks out, you’ll see me going to schools, youth organizations and everywhere else that I can share my story with others….

So once again.. Let’s all give Jody a big, BIG, round of applause and if you really want to thank her (and mother nature) check out her site where she makes ecofriendly coffee sleeves or as Jody puts it “Downright adorable, fun to carry and handmade from high-quality 100% cotton fabrics, Piping Haute coffee sleeves are the ecologically loving way to snuggle with your take-out coffee cup. Say good-bye to those wasteful little cardboard doodads and be the first on your block to tote around your own personal Piping Haute Coffee Sleeve.”

So be as nice to her as you have been to me… You can link with Piping Haute on FB here!

Talk to you soon!! Thanks again for all of your support.

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