Help me donate 500 copies of my book to LISTEN!, 2-Cent’s Literacy & Arts Festival

CLICK HERE TO DONATE “The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t” to 2-Cent’s LISTEN! FEST

^^^Click here to donate my book to 2-Cent’s LISTEN! FESTIVAL^^^

Yesterday I posted to Facebook that I wanted to donate 100 copies of my book to 2-Cent’s Listen Fest with the help of my friends on Facebook. Since then, I’ve decided to DO IT BIGGER!! Now I am asking for my fellow friends online and off, businesses, non-profits & other organizations to help me donate 500 copies of my book to 2-Cent Entertainment’s LISTEN! FEST. Listen! is 2-Cent’s way of combating issues facing our community by using our generation’s talent in literary arts, music, visual arts & film to inspire change. I feel like my book is the perfect book to grab these kid’s attention. It’s about the Saints; WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE SAINTS?!?!? So here is how it’s going to work:

If you want to donate a copy of “The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t” to 2-Cent’s Listen Fest follow these steps:

  1. Click HERE to donate a copy for $12. You can donate as many copies as you like. Every $12 donated will get 2 books donated to the festival.
  2. Email me at with a special message you would like me to write in the book to the lucky kid who will receive your donated copy.
  3. If you don’t send me a personal message I’ll come up with something good on my own!
  4. After we reach a total 250 books donated, I, Alexander B. McConduit, will donate the other 250 copies.
  5. If 250 copies are not reached, I’ll match whatever number of copies we do collect.

We all know that there is a very serious problem with literacy here in New Orleans and across the world. Every kid deserves the chance to enjoy wonderful short stories, poems and novels written by the beautiful, creative beings (like myself) who make this thing called life worth living. As a child, I was reading books at the age of 4 and I enjoyed it. After visiting schools and talking to people who work with children, I’ve learned that kids usually don’t learn to really grasp reading alone until about the 2nd and 3rd grade. IF THEN!! So please help 2-Cent save the world once again by donating a copy of “The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t”. Who knows?? Maybe your copy will wind up in the hands of the child who brings us world peace!! You never know!

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