Today I found one of the best kept secrets in New Orleans, A Studio in the Woods. I haven’t learned everything about it yet but click the link to learn more for yourselves. Today myself and a friend volunteered to help out at FORESTival, a festival in the woods. My primary task was to cut, juice and process fruits & vegetables. Although it doesn’t sound fun I met a lot of cool people and found a place that I plan to visit early & often.

Once again, we are surrounded by artists at all times. Enjoy it!

2 responses to “!FORESTIVAL!”

  1. Jonathan D. Greene Avatar
    Jonathan D. Greene

    I see your doin what you need to. This is Mr. Greene. Me and my girl Balinda met you at the Jazz Fest. That healthy coffee. Jus wanted to say hello and keep it up. We need more positivity in our society..

  2. Interesting and awesome.

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