What I heard at 2-Cent’s Listen Fest…

Stop waiting on the world to change….

That’s what I heard, that is my interpretation, that’s what I think you hear when you really LISTEN. Everyone out there has a voice inside of them telling them what to do, what they like, where to go, what to try…. It’s a real voice. After LISTENING for a while and not trusting that voice you’ll become agitated, aggravated, frustrated and every other “ated” out there. This will wear you down. Those feelings actually force many people to quit LISTENING…. and to me that is the sad part. It’s sad because once you really LISTEN and you begin to act and create and move and do what that voice has been telling you to do then you will see how easy it is to change things…. and if you had only LISTENED in the first place you would have been surrounded with the type of world that you imagined a long time ago.

At 2-Cent’s LISTEN FEST I hope everyone saw how easy it is to change things! Imagine the impact of 50 Listen Fests in different areas of the city every year, all focused on different things. The kids in attendance had a great time and the bigger we can help 2-Cent make this thing, the more of an impact it will have. Kids will look forward to it every year and will be excited about reading a book on stage or creating their own books or running up to the people with the red book bags to give them a ticket in exchange for a book. This could change the future of our entire city. WE WILL CHANGE THE FUTURE OF OUR ENTIRE CITY if we just do it. So let’s do it.. Young people all across New Orleans are already doing it and I believe its up to us to make the city the way we want it to be and not the way it has been for years. But it takes everyone to be involved. Everyone plays a part. So stop waiting on the world to change; because it won’t unless you change it.

Listen Fest was a huge success in my eyes. I was fortunate enough to walk around and hand out 76 books which I would not have been able to do without all of your help and support. One thing that made me especially happy was when they asked a kid to pick a book to read from out of all of the books and he chose my book. After reading over the microphone with the help of Wild Wayne, 2-Cent gave the kid a brand new bike to go along with the busting, backpack of books he was already lugging around.

Check down under to see some of the pictures I took at the event:

One response to “What I heard at 2-Cent’s Listen Fest…”

  1. Love this, Alex!!! What you’re saying is so true and I’m glad it is beginning to take hold. Keep writing and I guarantee our growing city will keep reading :o)

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