Denise, DJ and the Zulu Debutante Fest

So a little known fact about me is that although I’ve never aspired to be a writer I’ve actually been influenced by one my entire life. My aunt, Denise McConduit writes a column in the Times Picayune and has published several children’s books based on her son, and my cousin, DJ McConduit. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready step into the world of Denise, DJ and a little bit of what life was like growing up in our family. One thing my aunt said that I have found to be true is that, it is really an amazing feeling to share stories about the people you love with the rest of the world. The series of DJ books; DJ and the Jazz Fest, DJ and the Debutante Ball and DJ and the Zulu Parade, takes the reader through some of the most well known events and traditions in our city.  If you liked my book in any way than you should love these books, as I referenced them throughout my entire writing process. So show my aunt and my cousin some love and check out her books. A gold star goes out to who can tell me which book I’m featured in!! GO!!

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