St. Augustine: Paddles, Presidents & Power (purple power)

Purple Power!! That’s exactly what I see when I look at this photo. Now I have to admit; I graduated from St. Aug in 2004 and I haven’t done my due diligence in the form of going back to the school, talking to the kids and learning how I can help make that school and community better. With the recent disagreements over paddles and presidents there is one thing that stands out above it all and that is PURPLE POWER! I always knew St. Aug produced successful, young black men like myself but I never realized how much power we actually have. We have so many people involved in so many things that its ridiculous. Even just the young men I know and went to school with are enough to make positive change in this city and in our communities; IF we all come together. We need to get this city and our community back in order and who better to do it than the Purple Knights!!! We have doctors, lawyers, radio host, authors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, presidents, chairmen, athletes, millionaires, farmers, politicians, dentists, pastors, preachers, GM’s, dancers, musicians, artists, photographers, engineers and everything else you can imagine. AND IT’S TIME WE DO SOMETHING.

We’ll talk more about this as our journey continues but for now I’d like to do a Purple Knight Marketplace once a month in the yard at St. Aug. This would be a great way to bring businesses, fresh food, music and unity to a school, group and community of people who need it the most. It’s just one idea but its something that I think would have an exponential impact on the school and that area. So let’s talk about it.

Knights!!!! WHERE Y’ @?

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