Oh the places I’ll go…..

It’s funny how this book has taken me places I’ve never thought about going and has me doing things I never thought about doing. I’ve met writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, amazing kids and I’ve even had the opportunity to share the company of two of the men who inspired this book; Darren Sharper & Drew Brees! It’s been fun. I’ve read at schools, I’ve signed books, I’ve given away way more books than I can actually afford and I’ve had a great time doing it all. As of now, I’m busy getting the books into stores all over New Orleans. In July, you’ll find my book in most books stores and a few other places as well. You can catch me at the various marketplaces around town and at festivals all over Louisiana. Later this week I’ll post a schedule of all the places I’ll be showcasing my book.. So until next time, thanks again for your continued support and if you have any little Who Dats in your family be sure to get em’ a book!


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