Happy Father’s Day to Brian McConduit!

A big shout out to Brian McConduit… The father of the guy who is writing this post! Yesterday my sister wrote out a long novel in his Father’s Day card and I wrote next to it… “Look for blog post in the morning!” So here it is…

(FYI this photo is from Facebook… Everyone 26 yrs old and down take a laugh and then continue reading… FACEBOOK!! okay.)

I once read that over 90% of entrepreneurs were raised by entrepreneurs and this is certainly the case for me. My father, for as long as I can remember has always been involved in some sort of entrepreneurial venture. Owned his own business, worked on festivals, comes up with great ideas, etc, etc.. As a kid, I remember not really worrying about anything because I knew that my dad would come through and make it work. No matter what! I remember one Mardi Gras, after my parents divorced, I didn’t understand how we were gonna be able to see the floats without our ladder. I mean, we HAD a ladder but I couldn’t understand how we were going to get to St. Charles and set everything up without my dad. Later that morning he came over and made it all work out. LOL.. Simple things like that are what I remember my dad for. Always making it work out, no matter what his personal situation was.

I see so much of myself in him that it makes me want to have a son because I look at myself as Beta Brian McConduit 2.o. Like the upgraded version or something. There are things that he has done that I copy or ask him for advice about because I know he’s been there and done that. There are also things that he’s done that I will make sure not to do or to try in a different way because they didn’t work out the way he envisioned it. Either way, right or wrong, without him I would never have had a road map to base my life and success upon. That’s what I think the power of being a father is. You give your kids something to base their life off of. If you don’t have parents or someone to look up to it’s a lot harder to figure out which way to go in life because the majority of our influences are telling you to buy things and have sex and do drugs. You won’t know who to be like or who you can be like. Without my dad and the love of my family I would never have written “The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t”. There were many days that I told myself that it was a silly idea or asked myself what will people think, BUT! because I know no matter what happens or what other people think that my dad and my family will love and support me I was able to take that leap and try something new… This is how I’m able to do everything that I do. Whether its producing concerts, doing online radio or writing books; the support of my family and the guidance of my father are the keys to my success… I told him this the other day but he brushed it off. I’m really serious though, he is the main reason I try to do the things I come up with in my head.

So if I haven’t said it already, THANK YOU DAD AND I LOVE YOU! I hope to make you proud and go even farther than you took it. That sentence just inspired me to give you a sneak peek of my new book “Doing Lines”. It’s all about lyrics, quotes and words from people and how I interpret them. Here goes:

“They say the child shall lead so I take it as far as I can and then we shall see.” – Jay-Z

So, let’s see! Keep watching, I have a lot more up my sleeve and I hope that I soon too will take the lead and bring the McConduit name much, much further!

3 responses to “Happy Father’s Day to Brian McConduit!”

  1. what a great kid !!!!!!!

  2. That’s beautiful, Alex your father has been a great father to you and your beautiful sister. He has also been a father figure to so many children for whatever reason did not have a great male role model in their life. I had the pleasure of being around and watching a man give his all to his children daily. Alex I mentioned to your father one day that you remind me of him with all the wonderful things you are doing now. Thanks for the tickets.

  3. Thank you son for such a beautiful message. I am glad that through all we have been through that greatness has come out of it. I truly admire you as a son and as a man. You have stepped up when most kids would have stepped away. You are easy to be proud of and you now inspire me. I have been complaining over the last month that I don’t like what I do, that it limits my creative side so I too will push forward with another project that puts my life back in it’s right order. I do look forward to your continued work. Keep doing what you are doing. I have found that I am most happy when I extend myself to others without seeking reward or credit, I see that in you. I don’t say it enough, I love You.

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