“What festivals are all about!” (Lacombe Crab Festival: Day 1)

The Lacombe Crab Festival is what festivals are all about. I saw a lot of families, kids, babies, & old folks in attendance. The music was great, everyone was dancing and the food wasn’t bad either. The people couldn’t be nicer. It’s not a large fest but there was everything there that you need to have a good time. I hope to be a vendor at this festival & watch it grow for years to come.

Day 1 of the Lacombe Crab Festival was a success. Met some cool people, made some nice festival connections, sold some books and I also gave away two books. One to a kid for his birthday and one to another kid who had written two books himself. I enjoy coming out to festivals in places that I’ve never been because each time I learn new things and have new experiences. I also genuinely love seeing people get excited about “The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t”. By me being the author and the publisher, I rarely have the chance to enjoy my book without focusing on some business aspect of it. Festivals are a chance to reconnect with your art work & products and see in other people why you decided to create them in the first place.

Below are a few pics from the crab fest. Thanks Lacombe, looking forward to Day 2:

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