Mrs. V says “Be The Who Dat Who Did”

This is probably the largest honor I’ve ever received. The picture below is of a board created by Mrs. Vernon or as the cool kids say, Mrs. V, for the Sophomore House at ReNew Charter’s Sarah T. Reed Elementary. Throughout the year the board will be used to highlight star students who will be called “Who Dats” in her 2nd & 3rd grade literacy blocks. The entire hallway is decorated with theme “Parading into Literacy” and each teacher was asked to highlight their favorite book.

Looking at this board and seeing myself on it shows me even more how great an impact we really have on the lives of children. Those kids seeing a young, black author who grew up in the same city they did makes it that much more real for them. I’m nowhere near perfect but I hope this board, this book & the work I plan to do in the school system this year leaves a positive affect ofnthe lives of the kids I come across.

Can’t wait to read to the kids over here…. Thanks Ash!!

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