#WhoDatOnTV? “The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t'” on Saints on 6 pregame show TONIGHT

Who Dat, Who Dat, Who Dat say dey gon be on da TV?!?!

#MeDat TONIGHT!!! Look for me on the Saints on 6 pregame show around 4:20ish pm today on WDSU/NBC. A few weeks ago I read at Morris Jeff Community School and Randi Rousseau from WDSU came by to interview me. The reading was special because I got to have my niece and little cousin help me out and also to be on camera. I hope to build in them a sense of accomplishment early, even though I did ALLLLLL the work..If you’d like to buy a book call me at 504-657-8950, http://TheLittleWhoDatWhoDidnt.com, Amazon.com, BarnesAndNobles.com, Maple Street Book Store, The Healing Center, Tisket a Tasket, Garden District Book Shop and Swap for Kids.

Any way, I repeat, I’ll be on Channel 6 or 7 for the normal cox cable or no cable people. Other than that I guess its gonna be on whatever your NBC affiliate is… I’ll find out more later today. But forget about me….. LETS WIN THIS GAME!!!!!!

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