W.R.I.T.E. – Week 1

After my first week with the 2nd Graders at Sci Tech I think we’ve both learned a lot. The kids learned what a narrative is and the basic elements that narratives encompass. We discussed main characters, plots & settings. All of the students completed their first rough draft of their books and we’ve got some really interesting stories. We also had author Denise McConduit and author Happy Johnson visit our classrooms on Friday to read their books and to speak to students about being an author & the importance of writing.

This week, the students will learn about revision and how to make their stories better. Most of the hard work will happen this week so I personally plan to push the students to do their absolute best. From spending more time in the classroom, I’ve learned that all of these kids have TREMENDOUS potential and for the next two weeks I’m going to do everything I can to squeeze every last drop of it out of them. They may hate me but at least they’ll be authors! Plus, I have candy so they won’t be mad for long!

Until next time….

– AM

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