Happy Birthday Karen McConduit (Ms. Mac)

Today only 29 years ago (Yeah right!) an angel was born and her name is Karen McConduit. You might think that I’m joking but I truly believe that my mother is an angel and I’m sure all that cross her path think the same. For 30+ years my mother has been a teacher in Jefferson Parish and she has worked with children in special education the entire time. She has always put others before herself and I’ve not one time seen her have a selfish moment. Her home has always welcomed anyone who has needed a place to stay for whatever reason and she continually goes out of her way to make others happy.

I’ve learned more from this woman than I have learned in every book I’ve ever read combined. Her biggest gift to me was the gift of compassion and its funny that as I write this, I’m sitting in a school about to teach my class for the first time ever. I never wanted to be a teach but both my mother, grandmother and now my sister have been involved in teaching and education in some way. The things that she has done for my sister and I can’t be put into words. I’m sure putting up with my foolishness was enough but she still somehow managed to put food on the table and be at every single one of my sister and I’s “events”. She’s always been there to help us out and to this day still does the same thing. Even in the picture above, she’s sitting at her grand daughter’s graduation… Never misses a beat!

If there is anyone I’d like to be like in this world, it would be her. I try everyday to incorporate more compassion and love into my life the way she always has for me. I don’t know what else to say. This woman is the best person I’ve ever met and I’m the luckiest person in the world because she is also my mother….

The End! Happy Birthday mom… She’s not on the internet at all so she probably wont see this.. We’re having a surprise party tonight for her and its gonna be fun.. If you know where, you’re invited, just don’t tell her!

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