W.R.I.T.E. Week 2 Recap

Today we finished up Week 2 at W.R.I.T.E. and our last day was one of the best. Artist, Filmmaker & Philanthropist Brandan Odums visited W.R.I.T.E. to speak to our students about what being an artist is all about. He also showed two videos & gave each student a book, bookmark and folder and then…….. Mr. Mac came through with the ice cream cups for all of the “good listeners” in the audience. It was a very good day and I really think that if there’s one day that will stand out in the students’ minds it will be this one. When Brandan showed his video for “Every Book in the World”, a remix to Lil Wayne’s “Every Girl in the World”, all of the students sang along. I’m only now realizing the power of that moment as it had them all singing “I just want to read every book in the world, I just want to read every book in the world” whether they realized what they were saying or not.

Anyway! This week the students revised their stories by “Writing in Small Moments”, making sure their stories made sense and by replacing boring words with exciting words. Next week we’ll be illustrating and editing our books. From there it’s off to the printers.

We’re still collecting donations to help make all of this happen. Check out our online fundraising campaign here!

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