THANK YOU for helping our students Write, Read & Illustrate to Educate

Thank you all for donating to my campaign! We raised over $1000 through our online fundraiser and others who just wanted to help out! That will take care of most of our printing costs so it is a huge help.  I really appreciate it. This will have a LASTING impact on these kids life.. Ask any of your friends if they’ve ever written a book, I bet they’ll remember it forever…

For a month, I watched as the children laughed, cried and played during their writing process. All of them want to be authors now! That’s important and really hits home for me. As a child, I didn’t know any derma-pigmentation technicians or aeronautic engineers and so I never wanted to be one. NOW, it’s not that I didn’t think that I COULD be those things, it just never felt REAL… Hopefully, this made it real for them! THANK YOU!

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

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