The Louisiana Book Festival 2012

This past weekend, I signed books at the Louisiana Book Festival, held outside of the State Capital Building in Baton Rouge. This was my first time attending this festival and I had a great time. I’ve been to hundreds of festivals to sell my book but this was the best one I’ve ever attended. There was a great crowd and hundreds of authors, publishers and magazines! I got to meet and network with a lot of people. I sold a bunch of books and got some great advice from other successful authors! I bought my niece a bunch of books and had the pleasure of meeting Walter Dean Myers and Louisiana author Brandi Worley. I bought a book of his short stories and Brandi and I traded books. I haven’t put her book, “Crumb Snatchers”, down since I picked it up. Very good book. Go get it for all of your kids.

Not that I need anymore reasons to visit Baton Rouge on the regular, I now have one more. Louisiana Book Festival… I’ll see you next year!

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