Reading for the Jefferson Youth Foundation at Pitre & Collins Elementary

IMG_5929Yesterday I had the privilege of reading to the kids at Pitre & Collins Elementary. For the second time, the Jefferson Youth Foundation reached out to me for a reading and to buy a couple of books. I really appreciate their interest and support of what I do. The kids enjoyed the reading and had some really good questions. At every reading I try to stress the importance of taking your ideas out of your head through hard work and turning them into real things that yourself and other people can enjoy. Yesterday, I think that I delivered that message more clear than ever before. I’m always searching for words that connect with people because all to often we miss out on valuable advice due to the words that the adviser uses. If the advisee isn’t really trying their hardest to hear your message, most times it will go in one ear and out of the other. BUT! If you can find the right words and you can say them at the right time, you can connect with almost anyone.

View photos from the reading on my Facebook page here.

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