Black History Celebration at Belle Chasse Academy

Belle Chasse AcademyThanks to Mr. Kael Saloy and my new BFF Ms. Treva for getting me out to Belle Chasse Academy’s Black History Celebration today. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope I left the kids with a life altering message. I had the privilege of seeing The Wild Tchoupitoulas Mardi Gras Indians dance and learned more about the history of the Indians as they spoke. I also met a wonderful singer named Rachel who has a beautiful voice and at 17, she’s well on her way to doing big things. After the celebration, I had the opportunity to read to the 1st graders and 5th graders. I’ve never seen 5th graders so interested in story time. Both classes enjoyed The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t and hopefully I’ll be back soon to read Snowballs for All! To see more pics visit my Facebook page here!

The End! (This is the part where you start clapping.)

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