Alex McConduit visits Jackson


Sorry for the late post but I’ve been a little busy lately.. So here we go!!!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Jackson, MS and a few of it’s schools. I also had a book signing at Lemuria Books to finish up my trip. During my trip, I visited New Woodville Heights Elementary, Jerusalem Christian Academy, Treasure Chest Learning Center, Lester Elementary and the Pointdexter After School Club. At each of these schools I was able to read and speak to their students. The kids at the schools were all very nice and I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit at their accents. I’m sure they were laughing at mine as well. I had a great time and I even received a gift from some of the kids that were there!

The one place that stood out to me was the Pointdexter After School Club. My friend Stephen Brown brought me over to visit and told me a little about the club. A while back, the owner, Brad Pigott, bought a house in the middle of a neighborhood in Jackson and invited a nearby school to allow some of their kids to join. Mr. Pigott takes the kids on field trips and offers them opportunities to experience things they otherwise wouldn’t. I had the pleasure of meeting him and he is one of those people who is too nice for words. So I’ll simply say thank you to him for his efforts for the students of Jackson! He even bought some books for the kids at the club. A decent fellow!

I hope to visit Jackson again soon and have the opportunity to meet with more students. Next time I’d like to visit Jackson State University and speak to students & professors there. To see more pictures from my trip visit my Facebook page here.

One of the parents took this video of me while reading… Enjoy

Until next time….


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