Fund Dat takes 3rd Place at Start Up Weekend New Orleans

537122_852034973125_1479393820_nThis weekend I had the opportunity to participate in Start Up Weekend New Orleans.      My team worked very hard and we came in 3rd place.

Last Friday, everyone at Start Up Weekend had the opportunity to pitch an idea that they wanted to work on over the next three days. On Friday, I pitched FundDat, a reward based, crowdfunding platform that focuses on projects created in New Orleans and projects created all around the world about New Orleans. Eight of the top ideas were chosen and teams formed around each of these ideas. From there the teams worked non-stop to create their business model, complete customer validation and return on Sunday with their minimum viable product. I had a great time and I was blessed to have such a great team. We laughed, we cried and we worked hard. Although we didn’t take home the top prize, I’m confident that FundDat will help our entrepreneurial community grow and help lots of people with ideas bring them to life. Stay tuned for more info about Fund Dat. I’m excited to see where the future will take us. If you want to follow me on this journey please like our Facebook page here.

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