Reading at Behrman Elementary and St. Mary’s Academy

St. Marys and Behrman ElementaryLast week, I had the opportunity to visit two schools, Behrman Elementary and St. Mary’s Academy.  These visits were both very special to me. I was invited to read to the students at St. Mary’s by Mrs. Beemis, my pre-k teacher at St. Leo the Great, who also served as my barber at the time. Mrs. Beemis taught my sister and all of my cousins who went through St. Leo, so it was nice to be able to show her how much her hard work paid off. She has been a long time friend of our family and she obviously did a GREAT job teaching me my ABC’s and 123’s… (I still know them all)

On Thursday, I visited Behrman Elementary and was invited to come out to read by Brother Roscoe. If you’ve attended a school in New Orleans in the last 10 – 15 years, then you’ve probably seen Brother Roscoe in action. Mr. Roscoe Reddix Jr. is an accomplished story teller and theater teacher. He also develops and leads professional development workshops for both artists and educators in Louisiana and throughout the Young Audiences network. Among other things at YA, Brother Roscoe was instrumental in bringing me on board to be apart of the Young Audiences team. I’m happy to play my part. During my visit Behrman Elementary, the kids performed songs, danced and even did a puppet show before I went on to read The Little Who Dat, Who Didn’t and Snowballs for All.

I haven’t been doing as many readings lately because I am in the process of starting a new business, FundDat – A reward-based, crowdfunding platform for projects created in New Orleans and projects created all around the world about New Orleans!

Don’t worry, I have new book coming out soon… It’s called… A Thorn in my Horn!

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