Pre-order your copy of “Thorn in My Horn”……… Happy Birthday Alex!

ThornInMyHornCOVERFINAL“Every time he got the urge to let his horn blow, in would come mother who loudly screamed NO!”

What’s up everyone. Today, May 3rd, is my birthday and I’m very proud to present to you my new book, “Thorn in My Horn”. “Thorn in My Horn” is a children’s rhyming, picture book about a boy and his horn. He loves to play his horn more than anything in the world, but his mother can’t stand the noise! She’s literally a thorn in his horn! “ Pre-order your copy of “Thorn in My Horn” here and receive an autographed, advanced copy in early June when the books come in. You see how nice I am? It’s MY birthday and I’m giving YOU something… (kinda)

I have to give a HUGE shout out to my main man Darrell Rollo. He is an amazing artist and knows everything there is to know about interactive medias. I met this guy in a coffee shop, randomly a few months ago and since then we’ve teamed up on three really cool projects. One of them is “Thorn in My Horn”. I’m very happy to work with Darrell and even more happy to have found a new friend to create and change the world with.

With that being said, I hope you all really enjoy the book and the other projects that I’m currently working on. I’m lucky to be able to do everything that I do and I would not be able to do it without your love, interest and support! So, if you can, please buy the book and share it with family and friends. Thank you…

– Alex

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