Thorn in My Horn… Almost done!

pg11and12As you all know, in a little over a week I will be releasing my new book, Thorn in My Horn. I’m extremely proud of this book and what I’ve accomplished throughout the months that I’ve been working on it. Aside from the traditional elements of a children’s book, I tried to take this one a step further by incorporating music in between the pages. Anyone who can read will be able to pick up the book and enjoy the story at face value. The cool part comes in for students who also know how to read music. Young musicians will be able to pick up their favorite instrument and play music written on each page, specifically composed to add life and depth to the story. This ingenious idea came from my illustrator Darrell Rollo and after humming a few tunes on his sofa, my friend Kelvin Brown, help me pull it all together. Above is some of the artwork from the book. I’ll put out a few more images before the release next week.

Stay tuned for more info on when and where I’ll be doing book signings in the city over the next coming weeks. I’ll also be at the Essence Music Festival signing books as well. I hope to see you all soon. If you haven’t pre-ordered your signed copy of Thorn in My Horn, please do so here.

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