Thorn in My Horn is on it’s way!


Thank you to everyone who has purchased their copy of Thorn in My Horn, I truly appreciate it. If you haven’t purchased a copy and would like to, you can order your copy here or catch me at one of my upcoming book signings around New Orleans. I will post the complete list of them in the coming days. Between all of the ups and downs of writing, editing, illustrating and (worst of all) formatting, it has been another great experience that I’ve learned a lot from. I could not have done any of it, without Darrell Rollo, the illustrator who made it nice and pretty and Darrell Rollo, the graphic designer who formatted the book and reformatted the book until it was right. He worked a lot harder than he was paid to and I’m grateful to have him.

Thorninmyhorn_complete_revised (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Thorn in My Horn is quickly becoming my favorite book of the three I’ve written, because I’m just beginning to see this book’s true potential. Although all three of my books have been written for the children of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana, the potential for Thorn in My Horn in endless. By adding music that children (and adults) can read and play, on top of being set in the sexiest city in the world, combined with the fact the most of the illustrations accurately depict real locations in New Orleans, this book now has me thinking about translating it and distributing it around the world. I mean why not! I’m always encouraging everyone else to go as far as they can, so why not Little Louie (the main character)!? Anyway, we are a little backed up with sending out orders so don’t panic. If you don’t get your book by Friday, it will be in early next week. Sorry once again for the delays but things don’t always go as planned. Thanks!

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