Essence Book Signing Fail! Thank you/Sorry!

Essence PicsI want to apologize to anyone who came out to my book signing at the Essence Music Festival and was unable to make it into the Essence Bookstore. The Essence Empowerment Series, located directly behind the bookstore, was filled to capacity and consequently the entire area that the bookstore was in was completely roped off. The only people who were allowed into the bookstore were people coming in and out of the Essence Empowerment series. However, Essence realized that they made a mistake and moved the bookstore into Hall B with all of the other exhibitions. The only problem was that it took an hour to do so and that hour was the hour I was supposed to be signing books. So once again, I apologize for the inconvenience if you tried to come out and hopefully I will be able to participate next year. Thank you to all of you who sent texts and tweeted and tried to get in, I’m sorry and I hope you still had a good time.

The moral of the story is stuff happens and you don’t always get what you want…. Get over it and keep working! In other news, this Saturday, July 13th at 11:30pm I’ll be signing my new book, Thorn in My Horn, at Maple Street Book Shop. Bring the kids!


I did have the opportunity to sign 3 books and meet three cool people while I was there and I am very grateful for that!!!

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