Pre-order Your Copy of Snoballs for All; Release February 2015

Snoballs for Al Cover

Alex McConduit is teaming up with Pelican Publishing to re-release Snoballs for All in February 2015!

The best part of a hot, humid New Orleans summer is slurping up a big, round, icy-cold, brightly-colored snoball. That’s exactly what Paul wants to do, but he can’t find the snoball festival! He searches all through the city for just one snoball (although two would be better, and three would be best). Where will Paul find snoballs for all?

The new version, written by Alexander Brian McConduit & illustrated by the talented Paulina Ganucheau, includes an updated story and all new illustrations. The book also marks McConduit’s first book brought to market outside of the self-publishing world. Pre-order your copy NOW! 

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