Alex McConduit – NOLA to the UK

For the first time in my life I was able to do something I’ve never done before, travel across the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe. I’ve been to most of the states here in the U.S., and I’ve visited a few places in South America but until now, I’ve never been on the other side of the pond. This was a special trip, and what made it even more special was that it would be my first time being able to share my books with students in a different country… AND A DIFFERENT CONTINENT! So before my trip, I was humbled but excited for this opportunity.

I have to give a huge THANK YOU to John Cole and all of the wonderful teachers and staff at the schools I visited. They made everything very easy for me and were excited to have me over. The kids were all very eager and interested to hear what I had to tell them about reading, writing, the U.S. and especially New Orleans. The younger students were able to listen to a few of my stories and suffered through a little bit of my trumpet skills, while the older kids participated in storytelling writing workshops.

I’m extremely thankful to be able to make an impact in a different part of the world. This trip has taught me that writing can take me around the globe, and that reading, even in your own home, can do the same. I hope the kids and teachers that I connected with enjoyed my time. I plan to be back every year if they’ll have me.

Here are a few pictures from my visit to Liverpool, London and Dublin. 


Snuck a pic during one of our writing workshops!


Hanging out with Liverpool’s finest…



A nice tweet from one of the schools. 


Even got to reconnect with my elementary school principal and family friend, Sr. Maeve in Dublin.