Snoballs for All

Snoballs for All

snoballs for allIt’s spring in New Orleans, and that means it’s snoball season! Paul is sitting in school when he hears the magical call “Snoballs for all!” He embarks on an adventure through the city, hoping for just a few of those icy treats. But where are the snoballs? On foot and by streetcar, Paul searches high and low. He thinks of all the flavors he could have: grape, strawberry, wedding cake, spearmint, apricot pear . . . but where is that call coming from? If there are snoballs for all, can’t someone spare just one for Paul?

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Written by: Alexander Brian McConduit
Illustrated by: Paulina Ganucheau
Age Range: 5 – 8 years
Grade Level: Kindergarten – 3
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Pelican Publishing (January 20, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1455620025
ISBN-13: 978-1455620029
Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.8 x 0.1 inches

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