W.R.I.T.E. & The Uptown Music Theatre TEAM UP!

Uptown Music Theatre WRITEI’m happy to announce that this summer W.R.I.T.E. will be teaming up with the kids from the award-winning Uptown Music Theatre to write, illustrate and become published authors. This is the second batch of authors that we will be working with and after spending one day with the kids I can already tell that we will have lots of good books and lots of fun. Once a week, we will visit the camp and work with the girls on the different elements of writing, editing, storytelling and self publishing. After completing the hard work of writing, the kids will then get to illustrate their books as we prepare them for print. All of the kids’ books will be available on Amazon.com and should be ready for purchase sometime at the end of July. Who knows, we may even throw a party! I’ll keep you all posted on their progress as we go. I think it’s perfect timing that we will be working with these soon to be young authors at the same time that I am releasing my third book, Thorn in My Horn. This way, the students will not only learn about writing, but they will by default learn more about the book business as I explain to them my own struggles and triumphs in the publishing world each day.


So far, our group consists of all girls. After spending only one day, I can already tell how wonderful all of their books will be! For more info on the Uptown Music Theatre, please click here.

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