2nd Annual Sno Ball (To-Go) Day at Morris Jeff Community School

Sno Ball Day 2013First off, this day could not be possible without the great people at Sno Balls To Go! They provided all of the kids at our 2nd Annual Sno Ball Day free New Orleans Famous Sno-Balls To Go and the kids at Morris Jeff Community School loved them. The celebration also coincided with the student’s last day of school, so this year’s Sno Ball Day was extra special. I was happy to catch the kids before they left school for the summer because it’s during that time that they have the most free time to explore their ideas, interests and curiosities. I urged them all to start creating and doing more of what they already love to do so that one day their passions can become the way they earn a living. As always, I read Snowballs for All as the students enjoyed their Sno Balls To Go. The students shared their plans for the summer, we laughed, played and then parted ways.

I always wonder if the things I say spark inspiration in the hearts and minds of the kids I speak to. Every now and then I get lucky because a kid will ask a question or make a comment that lets me know that I shifted their perception or put something in their mind that wasn’t previously there. That happened Friday evening and while I’m not exactly sure what part of my talk inspired the little girl, I do know that if she stays in the right mind frame, she’ll be doing great things in no time. To know that I may have played some part in her future success does more for me then anything else.

To her I say, “Thank You!”

To see pictures from Sno Ball Day at Morris Jeff click here.


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